Service to Country

It is a privilege to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of our forces, and support those who choose to serve. While we at RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd are no longer serving with Defence, we believe in offering support in the best way we can as a team.

That is to provide high level outcomes for the delivery of our projects, getting it right the first time, managing the integration with the Bases on which we work, communicating always within the protocols of the contract, and being as efficient as possible to complete the project.

Service to Commonwealth

Based around our mission to deliver organised and measurable results, we offer an experienced team to ensure the project is delivered within constraints, to the budget, at the highest level of quality possible, and meeting all deadlines and specific projects requirements.

RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd has a comprehensive understanding of the restraints and obligations that are associated with Defence projects and actively works with its Stakeholders to ensure no interruption to service or long term adverse effects can occur from the team interacting within the Commonwealth environment.
All RADZOR personnel, including subcontractors and visitors, are trained in Defence inductions, air-side awareness, FOD management, access restrictions, UXO awareness, and related company expectations such as Respect and Dedication.

Service to Community

RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd understand and value the need to work with and support community. Partnering with local experts, allowing each partner to support and offer value to country and Commonwealth via a mutually beneficial relationship.

Built over time, and underpinned by shared values of Respect and Accountability, RADZOR and its preferred partners will always deliver Organised Results with Zeal and Dedication.

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Who Are We?

Adam Dardir

Adam Dardir is co-owner of RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd. Adam has been a local to the Northern Territory for 15 years and was born in north Queensland. He identifies as both Indigenous and of Torres Strait Islander descent with roots in Palm Island.

Adam has served his country in the Australian Defence Force, predominantly Navy for 12 years before his move to the private sector. He has experience in a wide range of skills from his ADF service days, and his role in the private sector as a construction Site Manager.

Adam brings significant Defence knowledge to his role in RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd, which provides excellent value for our clients when managing projects within the Defence protocols and expectations.

Becky Paroz

Becky Paroz is also co-owner of RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd. With 30 years of experience in construction, starting as a civil engineer, Becky has a multi-award winning background. Becky brings a wealth of multiple Tier 1 and significant project experience to the team to complement and support Adam’s Defence knowledge.

Becky has worked on Defence projects in the NT for the last three years in addition to having worked in rail, government, mining, power generation, and private sectors. Becky’s reputation for high quality, communicative, and compliant projects is well known and much sought after. She brings this level of service, as well as her extensive knowledge, to RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd.



For others, for the project, for the stakeholders, for their team-mates, and for themselves.



Exceed expectations  and take pride in the work we do.  Own and rectify, learn from the opportunities presented. 



Take pride in the work delivered and have integrity by doing what you say will achieve in a timely fashion.



Bring enthusiasm and sense of satisfaction in your work each day.  Look out for team members and hold each other to the highest standards.  Check on each other and care about the combined outcome, together.



Deliver to standards, timelines, budget, and expectations. Raise issue early and offer solutions willingly.  Communicate and support each other to stay on track.



When respect and accountability are combined with dedication and zeal in an organised environment, results are a natural side effect.  Our team offer results.

For RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd, diversity is not a “Ploy or a Stratagem” as we deeply believe in diversity and hold it to the highest degree as this is authenticated in our ownership.

Above is the definition of RADZOR, these are more than words to us as we pursue these outcomes at every opportunity.

Read about these and more by downloading the RADZOR Contractors Capability Statement below.


RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd commissioned this piece from renowned Indigenous Australian artist Garry Purchase.

The artwork denotes the back of crocodile. Called the Dungalaba in the Larrakia language, the crocodile is the totem of the people whose land upon which RADZOR Contractors works.

The colours represent where the lush bush of the Northern Territory meets the sea, and the vibrancy demonstrates the richness of the Darwin surrounds.

These two elements, the crocodile and the environment, demonstrates and pays our respects to Larrakia elders past and present, embodying the admiration that the team have for the area in which they work.

Using an approach of reconciliation for all first nations people across Australia, which is a core value of the Company, we aim to support all indigenous communities of the areas in which work.

The crocodile represents a fit for design, apex animal that is the best at what it does and reflects the desire of the RADZOR Contractors Pty Ltd Team in its effort to provide service.

Garry Purchase is a proud Aboriginal man of Dharawal and Bidjigal descent. Garry is a member of the Timbery family of which there are many respected members.

Garry has always had a creative passion and was a musician for many years playing drums in a few Sydney rock bands. Artistically, he first started painting after he moved to the Central Coast with his wife and three sons in 2013.

His style is a more modern take on traditional Aboriginal art, steering away from the common dreamtime stories and focusing on his own personal journey, experiences and social issues that pushes a lot of creative boundaries as he stretches the limits of what Aboriginal art can be.

He has a loyal fan base with thousands of followers on social media. His works have attracted a lot of attention and earned him many awards. He took out the major first prize Tony Donovan Award at Reconciliation Exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery in both 2014 and 2016.

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